Drum Lessons at Beacon

Ollie has been teaching pupils young and old for the past 10 years.  Pupis both past and present have become well established drummers themselves all around the world, featuring on stage, television and recordings.

Lessons are made to be fun and engaging which stimulates the pupil to want to become better.  Pupils can study all styles of drumming including rock, funk, jazz, latin and afro Cuban using both tuition books and Ollies own knowledge to create  a stimulating and varied drum lesson. 

It is possible at Beacon to arrange drum lessons for students on a private basis, between parents and myself, Ollie Green.  Students will be taught for half an hour per week, in pairs at a cost of £75.00 per term or individually, at £130.00 per term.  10 lessons will be offered per term (Autumn, Spring and Summer) and parents will be responsible for payment at the beginning of each term. 

I hope students and parents will see this tuition as a long-term commitment, enabling students to become proficient players in a variety of styles.  This skill can be used as part of GCSE Music i.e. performing and enabling pupils to use the instrument to help their skills at musical composition.  If pupils wish to take grades (though not compulsory) then grades 6 – 8 also hold UCAS points for University entry.  Parental support is essential to the success of learning any musical instrument.

Lesson Information

Drum lessons take place at Beacon throughout the school day and are on a rotating timetable so that pupils will come out of class each week at a different time.  The school and its teachers are very supportive of music lessons and are aware of pupils needing to go to music lessons.

Pupils do not need any equipment for their first lesson. After the first lesson a pair of sticks and a tuition book will be required but information about these will be given in the first lesson.  It is recommended that you do not purchase a drum kit for the first term to ensure your son/daughter enjoys the lessons.  If after the first term you wish to purchase a drum kit advice can be given to you but it is not imperative that you own your own kit as the school offers the pupils a chance to practice at school on the school drum kits during break, lunch and after school.  A carefully designed scheme of work has been designed for pupils at all levels.  This includes the use of graded music but it is not imperative that the pupil takes exams but if he/she wishes to take grade exams these can be prepared for.  The scheme of work is also flexible so that it can be tailored to a pupil’s preference.

Application Form

Please click HERE to download the Sussex Drum Lessons @ BEACON Info pack.

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Drum Tuition

  • All ages and abilities welcome


  • All musical styles

  • Backing tracks and recroding used to assist  development

  • Sight reading

  • Grade preperation

  • CRB checked and fully insured